Hello and welcome. You’re 50 plus and thinking about transitioning to eating plant based or vegan. You’re in the right place. At 50 plus it’s essential to pay attention to your nutrition needs for health, vitality and longevity.

With all the information out there it’s easy to be overwhelmed or confused with the thought of going plant-based/vegan. Let me help you make sense of it. You’re wondering about where to start? What to prioritise? How to make sense of the nutrition information? How to get protein? 

About Me

I’m Karin, a thriving mature age Certified Food and Nutrition Coach and I can help you feel confident about your choices and make your transition enjoyable, personal and sustainable. You’ll create a way of eating that suits you, your life start enjoying the many benefits of eating plant based or vegan.  

Nutrition doesn’t look the same for any two people and you want to succeed in building sustainable, healthy eating habits that are easy to follow and work for you.  

 “You don’t have to be perfect; you have to be prepared.” 

What is Food & Nutrition Coaching? 

Coaching asks you to act toward achieving your goal. You’re more likely to stick to your plan and achieve more when you have someone to cheer you on, keep you accountable, build your motivation, challenge you, champion you and guide you. Coaching focusses on


  • helping you identify health and nutrition goals 
  • sharing strategies you can follow to meet your goals 
  • educating you on healthy plant based/vegan food and nutrition  
  • offering you support and accountability on your journey

Understand the Benefits of Plant Based Nutrition

The science is in. At 50 plus all your nutritional needs will be met with a well-planned, well rounded vegan/plant based diet. Discover what works for you because eating is for pleasure not just nutrition. Think beyond tofu, beans and salad – plant based meals are delicious, nutrient-rich, tasty and filling. whether you like to cook or not, I can show you how.

It's healthy

When you do it right, a well-balanced nutritious vegan/plant based diet can  bring  many health benefits. In addition it can reduce heart disease; improve cholesterol; lower blood pressure; prevent/eliminate Type2 diabetes; improve gut health and reduce inflammation.

It's Nutritious

Yes. You can successfully meet all your nutrition requirements as you learn to eat well to support your age, level of health and fitness. You can easily adapt meals that you enjoy eating and also experiment with the new. You'll be surprised how tasty it can be.

Embrace the Change

You've made a decision to eat differently and you feel ready and motivated. Change is both rewarding and challenging and by focussing on what’s important to you, you'll discover ways to stay motivated, engaged and  with a positive mindset. Goofd preparation and planning are a must.