It’s never been easier to switch to eating vegan

Eating is for pleasure, sharing and fun. With so many vegan choices available to you it’s easy to eat vegan but not all vegan food is good for you, often being highly processed and flavoured.

Do you want to eat a clean whole food plant-based diet or include some processed foods into the mix? It’s up to you. Let’s get the balance right for you and take into consideration your age, health status and how you like to eat.

About vegan food & nutrition

The overall quality of your diet is more important than the individual components. That means a well-rounded way of eating is preferable to counting calories or being concerned with how much protein or carbohydrate you’re eating.

For the average person, all nutritional needs can be met with a well-planned vegan diet. Also, plant foods are the only foods that contain dietary fibre – essential for good gut/bowel health.

Unsure where to start?
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