Karin has a genuine desire to understand what was driving my choices. And equally committed to me finding a solution. I loved the positive reinforcement when I had achieved a  personal goal in relation to my eating. Great insight on picking up things I was saying that I may not have been aware of myself. A very present listener with a natural ability to search for answers to help find solutions. It was a non-judgemental and a safe environment to speak about all I was feeling.

I most enjoyed the re-phrasing tips from Karin in relation to my internal dialogue and creating new thinking patterns especially if I had gone off track with food choices. Always prompt and the Zoom technical set up worked well in all sessions.


I unreservedly recommend you get in touch with Karin if you’re thinking of changing to eating plant-based/vegan. I contacted Karin when I finally decided to transition from vegetarian to plant-based eating however my ethos now could no longer support this. With Karin’s support, emotionally as well as with nutrition advice, I did it! I’m so happy/delighted/proud with myself. It hasn’t been a hardship, but it did take effort and focus to stick with my choices, and it was Karin’s knowledge, unwavering support and faith in me that was key to my success. She didn’t tell me what to do but gave me options and ideas and encouraged me to decide the changes for myself.


I’ve been vegan for 5 years and thought that just not eating meat and dairy was healthy. Gradually I became aware that I was eating badly, lots of take out, pre-package meals and fast food. When I decided to get healthy, I realised that I didn’t know anything about good nutrition or how to cook and although there are lots of free groups and websites, I found that I didn’t follow through with changes. I needed personal advice and support and did three sessions with Karin. It was just what I needed to get going and understand that there are things that I need to eat  to be healthy, things to keep an eye on and to include things that I like to eat. I really enjoyed our sessions so I could report back on the positive changes I’ve made. Although we only had three sessions the coaching was just what I needed.


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